Still from “The Mouse in Me”

“Modified Continuous Wave: UNANSWD/UNHRD” at Harvard Review Online

“Outside the Gates of the Jewish Cemetery” on Tupelo Quarterly

“From the Press Secretary of the Interior” and “The Minister of the Cabinet of Self-Preservation” on Diagram

“You Call It a Cloud,” “The Cloud Was not Withholding/Was,” “Cloudproof,” & “Bulletins from the Cloud Cabinet” on Yew

“The Mouse in Me” on Catch & Release (Columbia: A Journal): A stop-motion animation I made of my poem, letterpress printed in salt.

“The Minister of the Cabinet of Talismans & Amulets” & “The Cabinet of Lesser Offenses” on Tarpaulin Sky

“When People Ask” & “Mid-South” on The Bitter Southerner

“From the Minister of the Cabinet of Ordinary Affairs” on OmniVerse

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From Kestrel 27